Traffitizer- Emergency Response System

What is


A technology which manages the traffic signals on detection of emergency vehicles without compromising the security.

System is designed after intense research by incorporating the suggestions and feedbacks of experts in this field. System is based on artificial intelligence (AI), able to take decisions based on various conditions of road traffic and emergency requirement.

The solution


As cities grows the road traffic get worse and life become harder especially on emergency situations. I would like to mention this project as a Super Hero to save people. It improve the response time of emergency services by providing preemption for emergency vehicles in traffic junctions & mobile application for citizens to access the service in their close proximity. Our advanced system can process multiple emergency vehicles approaching junction instantly.

The mobile application have features to choose specific service such as fire truck, ambulance, police as well as reporting incidents such as fire in the building, hit & run, criminal spotted, terrorist spotted, etc... The system automatically detects the required service in close proximity & directs the vehicle to the spot. System assign priority value for the specific vehicle so that the vehicle will get effective preemption from each traffic junction.

Mobile unit in emergency vehicles Central cloud server Portable T-ERS unit in junctions

Key featues of T-ERS

  • Fully Automated System: driver doesn't have to press any button every time approaching signal.
  • Few Hardware (IoT based), easy to install and cost effective.
  • Supports any type of traffic controller unit.
  • Can process multiple emergency vehicle based on priority.
  • Traffic Friendly: distance to signal change is adjustable with different time slots.
  • Various parameters are configured by studying the characteristics of each junction.
  • Option to integrate Emergency application for citizens.
  • Safe City: Good emergency response time improve the Global ranking of the City.