Traffitizer- Green Light Optimization

What is


A technology which manages the traffic signals during peak hours by analyzing the real-time traffic intensity of vehicles on each sides of the junction.

A single piece of hardware unit have to be connected with traffic signal controller. Easy to integrate. Big data is used to identify vehicles close to junction. No sensors are installed in junctions neither in vehicles except emergency vehicles.

How existing system works??

Exisitng system like SCOOT have more than 300 sensors to be installed at each traffic junctions. Number of sensors increases for junctions with long traffic else the efficiency is dropped.

How T-GLO works??

Our patent pending algorithm make use of big data from various sources to identify the traffic intensity of each side. Traffic data has 85- 95% accuracy.

The solution


T-GLO subsystem will be placed near signal controller, it communicates with signal controller during peak hours. Duration of green light cycles are decided in T server.

Green light wont be wasted any where which means vehicles will be processed much faster. Significant reduction in city traffic with large networks of interlinked roads.

Mobile unit in emergency vehicles


Indian Patent

  • Application Nu. 201641000564
  • Expedite Examination under DIPP Startup India Scheme.
  • FER Published.
  • International

  • PCT Application Nu. PCT/IN2016/050463
  • Published In WIPO.
  • International Filling Date: 30.12.2016
  • Priority Date: 07.01.2016